In Memory

Deacon Tim Stoudmire was a faithful member, who loved the Lord, his church, his family, and his pastor. He was constantly sought after to assist with devotion from other churches because of his passion.  He was full of fire.  He is truly missed by his family and his church.  

Sister Pearlene Myricks went home to be with the Lord. She was a very talented musician with the voice of an angel.  Sister Myricks blessed numerous churches by rendering her skilled organ playing. She is truly missed by family, friends, and her church.

Brother Robert Burnett was a faithful and dutiful trustee.  Referred to as "POP" by many.  The title of Trustee Emeritus was conferred on Pop.  Loved and missed by many.

Sister Sara Maske was a faithful sister who love the Lord, her church, and her pastor. She served in the culinary ministry and chairman of the pastor's anniversary committee. She will be missed immensely.

Sister Rosie was a fun loving faithful member who kept the church in good spirits with her humor.

Brother Greg Burnett was a faithful member and drummer who gave his heart to the music ministry of St. Mark. Brother Greg loved his church and his pastor.

Deacon Ray Kelly was a dutiful deacon. He lived in Cleveland, but traveled to Canton to carryout his deacon assignments. Even in his illness, deacon Kelly was faithful. He was full of fire when he prayed. He loved his church family and his pastor.